From inactive to half-marathon runner in 20 weeks

Scientific article in Fysioterapeuten 8/2015. 

Leif Inge Tjelta, Dr. Philos og dosent i treningslære. Institutt for grunnskolelærerutdanning, idrett og spesialpedagogikk, Universitetet i Stavanger.

Iselin Brandal Berge, MSc i idrett/kroppsøving. Lektor ved Sandnes videregående skole.


Background: The purpose of this study was to recruit physically inactive readers of a regional newspaper to a 20-week physical activity intervention.

Material and methods: The study has followed inactive adults who followed a training program over 20 weeks. Participants’ endurance and BMI were measured. The participants answered questions related to the motivation for joining the project, the benefits of the project and motivation for further training.

Results: A total of 45 participants completed the 20-week training program. Of these 35 completed a pre- and post running test over 3.050 m. Their average progression was 2.22 (min. second) (11.2%). Participants who by start of the project had a BMI ≥ 30, reduced their BMI by 4.3%. As the main reasons why they wanted to be physically active, participants reported that physical activity gave physical and mental energy and prevented health related diseases.

Conclusion: The present study shows a great potential in cooperating with local newspapers to increasing the level of physical activity among inactive adults. The study also confirms that untrained people can improve their aerobic endurance and reduce their BMI as a result of 20 weeks of systematic endurance training.

Keywords: Endurance training, BMI, motives for training.

Fulltext article in Norwegian

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